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Your Crawl Space "Before" Installation

This situation is all too common in Florida crawl spaces and this homeowner's quality of life as well as their largest investment is being severely impacted.

The immediate concern for this homeowner is to remove the standing water that provides a constant source of moisture resulting in an unhealthy environment for the occupants as well as the entire building envelope. Note the effervescent effect on the foundation wall as the water is being absorbed by the cement blocks.

Unfortunately for the consumer, the polyethylene covering on the floor of the crawl space becomes compromised rather quickly and instead of controlling moisture actually allows water to stand on top of the "moisture barrier".

The insulation in this crawl space is not serving the homeowner and is actually promoting mold growth after becoming water soaked and falling to the crawl space floor.

All of these conditions can be easily corrected by installing a Clean Space Encapsulation System.

There are three parts to this demonstration of the installation. Use the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons on each of the three pages to move from one to the other.



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