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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are questions frequently asked by our customers.

1) How is the vapor barrier material attached to the walls of the crawlspace?

We use nylon fasteners spaced 18" inserted into 1/4 inch holes in the foundation wall 4" from the top of the wall. A continuous bead of caulk is applied to the wall between the fasteners and the top of the material.

2) Are there seams in the vapor barrier material, and if so how are they sealed?

Floor seams are caulked and taped with the Clean Space tape manufactured to our specifications.

3) What is the vapor barrier made of?

Again, manufactured exclusively for Clean Space, the floor material consist of seven ply high and low density plastics with a nylon mesh layer included.

4) Is there a guarantee? If so, what does it include, and how long does it last?

Clean Space Warranty: The installing dealer warrants the CleanSpace crawl space liner to be free from holes and tears, and be free from groundwater on top of the liner(when a complete drainage system is installed) for 25 years*, or the dealer will repair at no charge. The CleanSpace system is warranted to reduce humidity in a dirt crawl space. * Warranty does not include damage from abuse or moisture from condensation. Does not include pump failure or acts of God. There are no other warranties expressed or implied.

5) I want to make sure there is a system to get the condensation removed from the crawlspace. What will that entail exactly?

Depending on the project location, the dedicated area for condensate can be as simple as an above ground out of the way area and be treated much like storm water runoff. Below grade drainage systems can be constructed as comprehensive as the owner wishes.

6) It looks like the SaniDry CSB is a Sante Fe Advance Crawlspace model, is that correct?

Correct. The SaniDry CSB ( Bright blue in color) is manufactured for CleanSpace by the Therma-Stor company of Madison, WI. who market the Santa Fe Advance Ultra Efficient Dehumidifier.

7) Can we elect to use a different dehumidifier, Can we elect to wait on this and still get the cleanspace material installed?

Absolutely, it is recommended that after installation of CleanSpace the area be conditioned as soon as possible.

8) Who is responsible for prepping the crawlspace (clearing minor debris)?

Debris removal is a line item in our proposal. We can provide this service or our customers can elect to choose to have the crawlspace prepared for our installation.


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